“NCADA works to reduce or prevent the harms of alcohol and other drug use through education, intervention, and advocacy. We envision a region free of problems associated with the misuse of alcohol and other drugs, especially among youth, and work toward this vision by providing a holistic approach to fighting this issue. NCADA's programs/services include assessment and referrals to treatment, community education, coalition support, and most importantly, substance use prevention programs for youth. 


Over the last 50+ years, the organization has expanded and shifted to best meet the needs of our community. NCADA provides evidence-informed, research-based comprehensive alcohol and other drug misuse and dependence prevention education for 260 public and non-public schools and over 64,000 kids annually in the St. Louis area. We run extra-curricular, public health prevention campaigns. We provide early intervention counseling programs for kids who are beginning to exhibit signs of substance use, and assessment and interim counseling sessions for adults who are looking for a place in treatment. We offer resources and support for community coalitions seeking to mount effective responses to drug and alcohol issues through grass roots activities and public policy advocacy. We train first responders, treatment professionals, and members of the public to effectively handle heroin/opioid overdose situations, distribute Naloxone, and so much more.”​

Treatment Centers


“The Opioid Addiction Treatment Program (OATP) also known as the Bell St Clinic, offers outpatient substance abuse treatment for Veterans with opioid use disorders. OATP offers medication-assisted treatment modalities that include the appropriate use of methadone, buprenorphine (Suboxone) and naltrexone (Vivitrol). Medication-assisted treatment is provided in combination with a strong emphasis on psychotherapy, both individual and group. The clinic opens at 6:00 AM in order to support Veterans who are employed or have other commitments during the day. All psychiatric concerns are addressed within the clinic in order to ensure coordinated care for both substance use disorder and any other mental health concerns. If you have questions about our program, please call the clinic at 314-289-6418.”


Affinia Healthcare

Affinia Healthcare provides Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid and alcohol use disorders. 


Our MAT services include:

·               Medication assisted therapy

·               Individualized patient care/case management

·               Individualized patient counseling

·               Family support sessions

·               Group therapy

In addition, our MAT patients have access to all other services at Affinia Healthcare such as:

      * Adult Medicine Primary Care

      * Optometry

      * Podiatry

      * Chiropractic care

      * Audiology

      * Dental

      * On-site Pharmacy and Lab

MAT Service Fees:  Medicaid, Private insurance plans and Gateway to Better Health coverage are accepted for our MAT services.  Affinia Healthcare also offers a sliding fee scale for uninsured patients, based on household income. Proof of income is required. Co-pay amounts are due at the time of service.

To make an appointment for our MAT services call: (314) 658-4860

For  other Appointments call: 314-814-8700


Behavioral Health Response (BHR) provides trauma-informed crisis intervention services provided by master level clinicians.  BHR provides services over the phone; or BHR’s Mobile Outreach Team can meet you in the community and provide services face to face.  BHR offers a follow up program to ensure linkage to ongoing outpatient mental health services and other resources as needed/requested.   All services are available free of charge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  At BHR, we care, we listen, we respond…24 hours a day.